For every Dinar that a person spends in serving the Zawwar of Imam Hussain (AS) the rewards from Allah (SWT) are larger than the mountains of Uhud. Allah (SWT) will reward him with multiples of what he spends and will protect him from calamities, and will protect him and his wealth and family - Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) Kaamil al Ziyarat, Ibn Qawlawayh 133

Over 100 years ago, in 1912, Anjuman e Faiz e Panjetani (A.F.P) was formed for the purpose of rendering help and ameliorating the condition of pilgrims going for Ziarat & Haj. The organization aimed to help Zaireen perform their pilgrimage with comfort and ease and one of the ways in which the Faiz achieved this goal was by setting up Musafirkhanas in Iraq at Kazmain, Karbala, Najaf and Basrah. These Musafirkhanas were managed for a long time by the Haji Jetha Gokal Family in Basrah. In 1968, Haji Abdul Hussain Jetha Gokal, chairman of A.F.P. Trust in Iraq, was martyred. The Government of Iraq confiscated the moveable and immoveable properties of Faiz e Panjetani in Iraq along with all Jetha Gokal properties and suspended the activities of the Faiz in Iraq.

The new Government of Iraq constituted a committee in 2004 to look into all such issues of Auqaf properties illegally seized by the previous Iraqi Regime. The President and Vice President of the A.F.P. along with their team made several visits to Iraq and represented the case of the Anjuman e Faiz e Panjetani before the Prime Minister of Iraq and the judiciary there. After 10 years of constant follow up, Alhamdulillah, all the Musafirkhanas located in Kazmain, Najaf and Karbala have been registered in the name of A.F.P. in the Land records.

We are glad to inform that the Government of the Republic of Iraq - General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers, NGO's Directorate, have confirmed the Registration of Anjuman - E - Faiz - E - Panjetani as an NGO in Iraq under Serial No.2176626 Vide Registration Certificate Ref. No.1858 dated 30/12/2013, to carry on its day to day activities in the territory of the Republic of Iraq.

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