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The Dubai based architectural firm, Al Hutaib Architects who have extensive experience in Iraq and were responsible for the reconstruction of the Kufa Maasjid has been appointed for the design consultancy and engineering services for redevelopment of Al Qasr Musafirkhana in Karbala and for the restoration of the Najaf Musafirkhana.

IDEA (International Design Engineering and Architecture) of Beirut, Lebanon have also been working in Iraq closely with the construction company of Imam Hussain a.s. foundation. They have been appointed Project Manager and Engineers.

Abadgaran Margoon of Tehran Iran are Project Consultants for all Iranian contractors / suppliers. They have vast experience in Karbala as the Master Consultants for a huge 1050 room hotel in Karbala.

ABM Architects of Mumbai India have been appointed Interior Designers and have agreed to work on no charge basis.

Architect Shabbir Savlivala, the Managing Director of Al Hutaib Architects, Dubai, Mr. Hisham Nasser, Partner and CEO of IDEA, Mr. Ali Talebi, Chief Engineer of Abadgaran Margoon, Mr. Alfaz Miller, Principal Architect of ABM Architects, Mr. Imran Merchant, owner of Painterior, a highly reputed firm in Mumbai, India specializing in repair / renovation of old buildings and new Construction , form the core team overseeing the repair, restoration and construction of the various projects.

Al Najaf Residence

Donor - Ali bhai Ramji Memorial Trust
Year - 1954
Location - 100 meters from the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (A.S.) behind Qasr al Dur Hotel.
Area - About 450 sq. meters
Current Status:

With a capacity of about 70 Pilgrims this Pilgrims Residence is located just 90 meters away from the Haram of Imam Ali A.S. This property has been carefully restored to its original heritage architectural aesthetics while simultaneously being upgraded with modern amenities. The restoration work took almost 20 months and cost approximately US$ 2 Million.

On the joyous occasion of the Wilaadat of Imam e Zamana (A.S.) Anjuman - e - Faiz - e - Panjetani (NGO) – Iraq re-opened it under the name "AL – NAJAF Residence" on the 17th of Shaban (25th May 2016).

AL Najaf Residence has been very well received with more than 3,000 guests staying here in the past 8 months from July 2016 to February 2017.

Al-Qasr Residence

Donor - Marhoom Kasamali Bhai Allahrakha
Year - 1955
Location - 400 meters from the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain (A.S.) on the main road starting from Dar- Al-Qibla.
Area - About 700 sq. meters
Current Status:

  • After several hearings by the Courts, the High Court in Baghdad finally awarded a judgment in favor of Faiz-E-Panjetani in March 2013.
  • On payment of compensation to the person who had leased the property from the former Government and had constructed a semi finished building on the site, possession was handed over to A.F.P.
  • Demolition of the structure was carried out in June / July 2014, and the soil tests were completed in April 2015.
  • Approval of design proposal of basement + ground + mezzanine + 11 floors + roof amenities has been approved by the Municipal authority.
  • Construction started in early 2016 with excavation, piling of over 72 piles of 25 meters depth, wall retention piles etc. Steel structure of 12 floors has been erected, Concrete flooring & side walls till 8th floors have been completed by the end of August 2017.
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Kazmain Musafirkhana

Donor - Marhoom Mohammedali Habib
Year - 1964
Location - Opposite the Haram, Near the Bazaar.
Area - About 375 sq. mtrs
Current Status:

  • The High Court in Baghdad has confirmed that the property belongs to the Faiz.
  • It was in the possession of the Ministry of Education for use as a hostel by students of Nahrain University. We have approached the court to handover vacant possession. A judgement is expected by June 2015.

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